Advantages of mobile banking

A banking app – do you even need it? You should ask yourself the basic question, then: are you planning to use banking services on your phone? There is still a huge number of clients who do their banking traditionally. They often conduct transactions at the bank’s office, every once in a while withdrawing funds from an ATM as well, as they prefer to use cash. Using an online banking service to wire money is a truly rare occurrence for them, let alone using a mobile app.

Think about how you’re going to be using the app

If, however, you feel like you’re ready to “level up” or modern banking is already an everyday thing for you, you can choose a particular bank based on the quality of the mobile banking they offer as well.

Everyone uses different features of an app. We decided, however, to only select three main groups of users. Once you identify yourself as a member of a particular group, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with tips on the parameters that are most Relevant to you.

  • Those who are just thinking about starting to use their bank’s services on their phone. To make things easier, let’s call them “beginners”. These are the clients who used to conduct most of their operations so far using a Transaction platform (online) or at the bank’s office and would like to change that.
  • Users of the basic features of the app. This is likely the biggest group, which we will call “intermediate”. Their smartphone is a useful tool to them that makes it possible to manage products, but they’re not interested in all the possibilities offered by mobile banking. They use a Transaction platform and an app to more or less the same degree.
  • Clients who use their phones as the basic tools for banking, or the “advanced”. Such people are eager to use every available feature of an app that can make their life easier. The quality of the mobile banking will be one of the key factors to them when choosing a particular bank.
mobile banking

Advantages of mobile banking

  • Security
    The most important thing to you when using mobile banking should be the safety of your money. That’s why you should pay attention to what security measures are guaranteed by a bank.
  • 24/7 access to your finances
    In this day and age, we pretty much never part with our smartphones. That’s why, when you have the bank’s mobile app, you have a 24/7 access to your money as well. No matter where you are at the time, you can transfer money, check your balance, change limits on your account or apply for a loan. Even if you Forget to take your wallet with you, you’ll be able to withdraw money or pay for your shopping using your phone.
  • Better budget planning
    For many people, planning their expenses and savings isn’t the easiest task. However, a mobile app can actually help you with managing your home budget. With mobile banking, you can manage standing orders, define dates for the most important transfers, check the balance of your finances and select transaction limits for card payments.
  • Full control
    You can check your account balance any moment. If you have to pay for an unexpected expense and you’re not sure if you have enough money, you log into your mobile app and have everything under control.