Online banking 2019. More and more opportunities, more and more new services.

Twenty years have passed… How could one live standing in huge queues every month to pay bills, and several times a month to withdraw money from your account?

Access to own funds 24/7 with online banking

Currently, opening a bank account is tantamount to opening an online account. We get access to electronic banking channels in the bank that interested us, we set our own password and from that moment we can use the online transaction service. We can use online banking services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as long as we have access to the Internet.

The most popular is the option of making online transfers, which definitely simplifies paying bills and making purchases online. We can also set permanent orders in the system, i.e. indicate in what period and in what amount the money from our account will be automatically transferred to the given account. Thanks to this, we can be sure that we will not forget to pay a valid invoice.

When making transfers, we can also decide whether we want to use the immediate option – then the “other party” will receive the funds immediately or we can plan transactions in time.

Money under control

Using online banking also makes it easier to keep track of your finances. By entering the transaction history on our account, we can check not only how much and for what we spend money, e.g. on a monthly basis, but also accurately calculate all revenues. This definitely makes it easier to manage your household budget and may be a motivation to make a decision to start saving. Before the online accounts appeared, you had to carefully write down all your expenses yourself or go to the bank to learn a little more about your financial habits and how you manage your money.

But after all, our bank’s online banking and transaction service can offer us much more, which we are not always aware of.

Money under control. Online banking 2019.

Online clients can do more in banking

A permanent view of finances on your online bank account is not everything. Some banks offer their online clients the help of virtual experts – personal financial trainers. What is it all about? – The applications and transaction systems on the market are intelligent, i.e. they know themselves (based on our activity on the payment card) how to categorize our expenses. In the form of eye-friendly graphs or charts, they show us how much we spend on food in a given period, how many times a month we visited our favourite restaurant, or how much it costs to maintain a car. With such virtual financial advisor we will also be able to plan savings. All you need to do is to specify your financial goal and you’ll be informed about how much you are still missing to buy your dream trip or a new computer.

Saving while using online banking

Saving when using online banking in general is easier. Through your account on the transaction portal you can open a savings account in a few minutes online. We can transfer part of our funds ourselves or use one of the programs specially prepared for clients, thanks to which saving costs almost nothing.

This solution is dedicated especially to those users of electronic banking for whom saving is a big sacrifice and they cannot convince themselves to such step. It works in the same way as children’s piggy banks, which save small amounts of money received from parents and are able to accumulate considerable amounts of money.

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