weekly shopping without wasting money

Grocery shopping during quarantine – how to do your weekly shopping without wasting money and food?

A year ago, nobody thought we'd have to learn to live in quarantine. This is certainly an uncomfortable situation, but it can be managed. How to do grocery shopping for a week without throwing out...

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save bills

Electricity, water, heating – how to save on bills?

You are not interested in ecology, so it doesn't matter to you how much water you waste every year. You are very comfortable, so you don't have to worry about the charger left in the...

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Finances and health

Finances and health. How does health ruin a household budget?

Health problems always generate extra expenses. The more so because, as a rule, these are expenses that are not included in the household budget. Unfortunately, money spent on medical treatment and Medicines often exceeds our...

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save on cosmetics and beauty supplies

How to restrict spending when it comes to cosmetics and beauty care?

Each month we spend money on beauty products – creams, lotions, shampoos, conditioners and many others. Self-care costs money and sometimes more than we would want. How to save money on cosmetic expenses without neglecting...

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save on groceries

Household bills – how to save on grocery shopping?

Money spent on groceries is a lion’s share of the living costs in many households. A lot of money is spent not only by families, but also by couples or single people. Even though the...

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saving money

The most popular myths about saving money

Financial myths are deeply rooted in social consciousness. If we want to change our own thinking about finance, we should disprove the myths in which we function.

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Why it’s a good idea to teach your child to save money?

There’s plenty of skills that our kids won’t learn at school. For example, the habit of saving and sensible Money management is the easiest to be developed by the Parents. A good choice to learn...

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The principles of saving – where to get extra money?

The principles of saving – where to get extra money?

How to save money? Not many people know how to do it the right way. Introducing small changes into our life will help us secure savings. What to do to...

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Saving money without sacrifices - how to save smartly?

Saving money without sacrifices – how to save smartly?

Everyone should learn to plan their expenses wisely. Everyone should learn to plan their expenses wisely. Can you save? Why save? You probably need honest answers to many of the questions that bother you, including those concerning...

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