Finances and health. How does health ruin a household budget?

Health problems always generate extra expenses. The more so because, as a rule, these are expenses that are not included in the household budget. Unfortunately, money spent on medical treatment and Medicines often exceeds our financial capacity.
How to save on medicaments?

For money or private – is there a choice?

The Public health service does not guarantee a reduction in the cost of treatment or its effectiveness. Thousands of Poles who try to seek medical advice from the National Health Fund without any results are convinced of this every day. On average, you have to wait a few months, and at least a few weeks, for a free visit.

If someone has an urgent problem or is seriously ill, they have to go to the doctor privately. The cost of a single consultation with a specialist is on average 100-200 USD, which is already some damage to the household budget. After the visit there is also a purchase of Medicines and supplements.

Regardless of what we catch: a cold, intestinal flu or foot mycosis, we leave the doctor with a Prescription file and a recommendation to buy at least a few Medicines.

Cold period – drain wallet

Infection season is in full swing. The queues for pharmacies are getting longer every week, and customers are supplementing their first-aid kits with new Medicines. The average Polish family spends more on health (Medicines, Visits to specialists, supplements) than on food.

In the autumn and winter, when we get infections, we leave in pharmacies a few billion USD, mainly for over-the-counter preparations.

Test dates versus home budget

Real stairs, however, appear when we need specialized tests or treatments. Even the tests necessary to determine the diagnosis often require us to pay extra from our own pocket. For example, magnetic resonance imaging, which very often is the only way to determine the causes of our ailments, costs about 100-150 USD privately.

Meanwhile, the waiting time for this examination under a contract with the National Health Fund is at least a few months or even a year! We also leave a lot of money in dental surgeries, where only basic procedures are reimbursed, and materials for their performance (e. g. fillings) are so poor quality that almost no one decides on them.