The principles of saving – where to get extra money?

How to save money? Not many people know how to do it the right way. Introducing small changes into our life will help us secure savings.

What to do to have more money left in your pocket?

How to save money? Choose cost-efficient transport!

If you’re a driver then you’re perfectly aware that commuting to work or road trips are pretty expensive. Start saving money by carpooling. Maybe you have a coworker who lives on your way to work and would like to split the gas money with you?

If you use public transportation a lot, buy a monthly pass. You can also start riding a bicycle (even from a rental) or a scooter, in which case it’s more than just money saving – it’s also good for your health.

Saving money on food – how to do that?

Many people struggle with learning to save money at the beginning, which is why you should start with simple things. You can save some cash if you cut down on dining out or visiting coffee shops. You’re going shopping?

Make a shopping list and stick to it.

Saving money on food – how to do that?

Check out online stores, where many products can be bought cheaper. Make your own sandwiches for lunch, or something you can reheat. That way you will once again get more than money saved – you can make sure that what you eat is healthy and nutritious.

Zero waste – how to save money at home?

An apartment or house maintenance costs a lot, which is why you should save money by reducing your bills. Seems unrealistic to you? Check the rates of different power suppliers. If you don’t spend much time at home during the day, use the day/night option which allows to get lower price for electricity at night, and that’s when you can use your washing machine for example.

Zero waste – how to save money at home?

Buy less but more often, choose products sold by weight, from local suppliers, which are cheaper and healthier. Replace store-bought chemicals with vinegar, soda or salt. Don’t buy bottled water and get reusable containers instead. Modify your clothes and swap them with your friends.

Saving up small amounts regularly – is there a point?

Figure out a small amount you are going to save every month. It might be 50 USD or more. It is the best to put it in a savings account or even make a deposit over time. If you are patient enough, after more than a dozen years the interests on the money saved will be really big and you will get extra money every month.

So, how do you save money?

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