How to restrict spending when it comes to cosmetics and beauty care?

Each month we spend money on beauty products – creams, lotions, shampoos, conditioners and many others. Self-care costs money and sometimes more than we would want. How to save money on cosmetic expenses without neglecting our body and complexion?

A well-thought budget for cosmetics

Save on cosmetics and beauty supplies? It does not have to mean resigning from our favourite products and beauty treatments. Spending on beauty purposes can be cut in different ways, e.g. selecting creams that are a bit cheaper or look for bargains. We encourage making some of the beauty products at home.

It is also worth restricting the number of products used. It is sufficient to have one of each kind of cosmetics. Having multiple creams, masks and gels does not do much good for the complexion, quite the opposite – it worsens its condition.

Ran out of balm? Do not panic!

There is nothing simpler than a Homemade body lotion. In order to prepare it, we just need a small jar of refined shea butter, into which we will add a few tablespoons of a chosen liquid oil, e.g. olive or linseed. All fats should be placed in a water bath and heated until they combine. This oily mixture should be placed in the freezer for 15 minutes and then blended using a kitchen blender or a mixer.

Having a bit of shea butter or coconut oil as a base, we can also make a deodorant, lip balm, hair mask or an exfoliator. We can add scent to our products using essential or synthetic oils.

save on cosmetics and beauty supplies

Good products for lower prices

Homemade face cream is harder to prepare than body butter or deodorant. Same with shampoo. How can we Save on cosmetics, which we cannot prepare at home or when it is difficult and requires years of practice? Promotional offers from shops and online businesses come into play. Even if our favourite cream is not on sale in our nearest store, we can be sure to find an interesting offer online.

Usually, cosmetics are a bit cheaper online, even without any offers. We can also find offers for cosmetics nearing their expiry date (sometimes they are expensive products, with even 70-90% off their original price) or with damaged external packaging.

Check the ingredients of the product

Sometimes it is worth to read through the ingredient list of our favourite serum or face cream. That is in order to find out whether there are different products available with a Similar composition and effects, but much cheaper, amongst other things. Unfortunately, in most cases we pay more for the brand rather than the product itself.

Cosmetics in smart packaging

Some cosmetics would last much longer if it wasn’t for their non-economic packaging. This is to do mostly with products that have bottles with a pump or in hard to disassemble tubes. Products in jars or in classic screw-cap bottles are much more efficient. Usually, the simpler solutions are also the cheaper ones.

Helpful accessories

Some Cosmetic accessories increase the usage of cosmetics, others extend their effectiveness. E.g. a beauty blender (foundation sponge) helps to restrict the use of the product. In turn, traditional cotton pads absorb great amounts of tonics and lotions which are applied to the skin using them. In order to Save on cosmetics, we can replace them with a cloth or konjac sponge, which remove make up without gels or lotions.