The store tricks, due to which we buy more than we need

Nothing is accidental in the shop. The music, lights, colours, shelf layout, prices and even the kind of flooring – everything serves the purpose of us spending more money. The sellers often cross the boundries of manipulation and the unsuspecting clients fall right into the trap. Fortunately, we can defend ourselves from the tricks of supermarkets. We will tell you what to look out for.

The sly layout of the store

At the first glance there is chaos and confusion in a shop full of customers. However, everything is thought through and planned in the shop’s layout. Store tricks are designed to convince us to make big purchases. Our brain is affected from the very moment we step into the shop. Depending on the shop, right at the entrance we can encounter the sale sections, luxurious products, flowers or bakeries. The offers throw our shopping plans off balance and convinces us to put products we have not thought about before right into our trolleys.

The increased price from before the sale

Deal! You are saving 36%! Those kinds of adverts can be found almost in all shops. Unfortunately, oftentimes it turns out that the old price, printed in bold and crossed out has nothing to do with reality, as the product on sale has never been at that price. Sure, the price has been lowered by, let’s say 6%, but… what kind of deal is it, 6%?! 36% sounds much better. This trick is most effective with products we do not purchase every day, making us out of touch with the pricing – e.g. washing powders, fabric softeners and cleaning products.

Low stock on products on sale

When the store offers products on sale, it can be noticed that those shelves are low on stock. Why did it sell out so quickly? Or maybe there is a hidden agenda and when we see almost empty shelves, we think to ourselves that it actually is a great deal, as people bought it out so quickly and soon there will be nothing left, so without thinking whether or not it is necessary, we throw it into the trolley.

Store tricks

The empty trolley effect

What kind of trolleys do supermarkets have? Big. Not without a reason. A person who sees a nearly empty trolley wonders whether they have forgotten something, since they have so little, so they should get a Few more items.

The cheapest products on the lowest shelves

The more expensive and better looking products are placed by the store chains at our eye-level. The products of significantly lower price are placed on the lower shelves.

One-off deals

Some people find it hard to simply walk past a sign screaming 25% off until tomorrow only!. We do not want to miss out on „good” offers so we often reach for the products on the near-ending sale. This kind of deal may not come back! The rule of unavailability is at work here, known also to those who purchase cheap flight tickets online.

Often rearrangement

Have you ever walked into your usual store and noticed that everything is in a different place than last time? Changes in the store layout are introduced in order to interrupt the usual routes of customers. Mainly, it creates a chance of emphasising the products that are bought rarely and secondly, it causes the client to „have a stroll” around the store in search for their desired products.