save bills

Electricity, water, heating – how to save on bills?

You are not interested in ecology, so it doesn't matter to you how much water you waste every year. You are very comfortable, so you don't have to worry about the charger left in the...

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car leasing

Car leasing – is it worth it?

Probably you’ve already heard the word leasing many times. Probably many of you wondered what it is exactly, others might already know the meaning and know what's going on, maybe some of you even used...

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Personal banking and Private banking

Does a bank VIP account make sense?

Private banking services are reserved only for a selected consumer group. Clients of the so-called "private banking" can count on, among other things, the use of an individually developed and long-term strategy of wealth management,...

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Finances and health

Finances and health. How does health ruin a household budget?

Health problems always generate extra expenses. The more so because, as a rule, these are expenses that are not included in the household budget. Unfortunately, money spent on medical treatment and Medicines often exceeds our...

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early loan repayment

How to speed up loan repayment, and is such a move cost-effective?

If given the opportunity, a majority of us would like to accelerate the repayment of a loan or settle it entirely. How to lessen the burden of a loan, especially if we suddenly have the...

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