Finances and health

Finances and health. How does health ruin a household budget?

Health problems always generate extra expenses. The more so because, as a rule, these are expenses that are not included in the household budget. Unfortunately, money spent on medical treatment and Medicines often exceeds our...

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early loan repayment

How to speed up loan repayment, and is such a move cost-effective?

If given the opportunity, a majority of us would like to accelerate the repayment of a loan or settle it entirely. How to lessen the burden of a loan, especially if we suddenly have the...

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Promotional interest rate

Promotional interest rate on the savings account – how to use it?

Every now and then banks tempt us with exceptionally attractive interest rates on savings accounts. However, this type of promotion should be far-sighted. The offer, which looks very tempting today, may turn out to be...

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save on cosmetics and beauty supplies

How to restrict spending when it comes to cosmetics and beauty care?

Each month we spend money on beauty products – creams, lotions, shampoos, conditioners and many others. Self-care costs money and sometimes more than we would want. How to save money on cosmetic expenses without neglecting...

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save on groceries

Household bills – how to save on grocery shopping?

Money spent on groceries is a lion’s share of the living costs in many households. A lot of money is spent not only by families, but also by couples or single people. Even though the...

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