startup business

Where to get the money for startup – is a bank load a good idea?

Every firm needs money for constant functioning and development. Entrepreneurs in early stages of development do not have their own capital and that is why they need to look for external sources of finances. Can...

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FinTech and banking – a war, or a promising cooperation?

These days, it’s not just banks that fight for customer trust and convincing them to use them to store money. FinTechs have joined this fight too. The opinions on whether this means war or symbiosis...

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mortgage denial

Mortgage denial – learn the possible reasons

A mortgage denial might be the borrower’s fault, or it may be caused by the bank’s decision. In principle, the client has control over the former, the latter depends on the analyst handling his case....

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Consolidation – what does it mean?

Consolidation means merging, fusing, strengthening. We can meet this term mostly in the field of banking. Many people who already have a loan in a bank or want to take one, have heard the proposal...

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saving money

The most popular myths about saving money

Financial myths are deeply rooted in social consciousness. If we want to change our own thinking about finance, we should disprove the myths in which we function.

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